Bewerbervorstellung OB-Wahl in Nebenjob Konstanz

Die offizielle Bewerbervorstellung zur #Wahl des Oberbürgermeisters in #Konstanz fand am Mittwoch, 9. September um 19 Uhr im Bodenseeforum statt. Hier der Videopodcast zur #Bewerbervorstellung.
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The city of Nebenjob Konstanz (or Constance) lies in the German state of Baden-Württemberg on the border with Switzerland. It escaped the worst of World War 2 to become a major tourist attraction that takes a particular delight in satirizing both Church and State.


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The room itself was like a normal American hotel room, rendering it it different than typical German accommodations. The area had two queen sized beds, an armoire with a large television and DVD player, two telephones, along with bathroom having a tub and shower. The room also included an iron, a hair dryer, a mini fridge, and a towel steamy. The decor was a little hokey. The item of furniture was performed on look care about it was associated with timber and the carpeting had little pictures of moose on the. On the other hand, discussed been in Germany, they make hotel room we’ve stayed in that compared to this one was at a Marriott near Nebenjob Nebenjob Augsburg. Of course, the room at the Marriott cost the euro equivalent of 0, whereas the room at the Edelweiss cost 8 in American some money.

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The U.S. Under-20 Women’s National Team – competing ultimately ultimate Frisbee World Junior Ultimate Championships in Nebenjob Heilbronn, Germany – played Australia in 3rd and fourth-place game on Saturday, Aug. 7.

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  1. Lady Vampiria

    Interessant, dass der Bodensee auf englisch "Lake Konstanz" heißt. Bei uns heißt er auch das "schwäbische Meer". Eine sehr schöne Gegend!

  2. Frederick Herriot

    I hope that in the future, you can go visit Lahr close to the Rhine on the route between Frankfurt and Basel. Reason why is that I was posted at CFB Lahr for a while in 1985 and I hope to learn how the town's fared since the Canadians and other parts of NATO pulled out after the end of the Cold War.

  3. Aakash Patra

    Great Job! Referring to how to get there section, any idea if Baden-Württemberg day pass works for travel from Heidelberg to Konstanz?

  4. Eric Carlson

    A guidebook I read said they avoided WW2 bombs by keeping their lights on so the Allies thought it was Switzerland…..

  5. Mercy Luna

    Konstanz has become my favorite city in Germany. I love all the public art in the city.

  6. Tr4shM0nk3y

    I have to say this is a very interesting overview of my hometown 😀

  7. Jeffrey Goodman

    This is your best video yet! Really enjoyed this on a quiet Saturday morning. Thanks.

  8. Schanickel

    Konstanz ♥ I lived near Konstanz in Singen (Hohentwiel) for a wile. Was a great time 🙂

  9. Florian Boos

    If I haven't missed it yet… Still in it you to Trier. Can stay at our place, if you want to… ✌️

  10. HaploidCell

    This was a very good video and I liked it for the following reasons:
    You held on the sights just long enough to appreciate them. Good timing there.
    I've actually been to Konstanz once or twice before, but was either too busy to sightsee or the Christopher Street Day was happening. It's kinda hard to appreciate the architecture when a bunch of half naked gay dudes are in the process of drapeing banners all over it. The streets were also clogged with people so it was hard to get around.
    Now, if you're looking for a party, the CSD in Konstanz is fantastic and I can recommend it to you in that aspect.
    The local border dispute is kinda hilarious. I didn't know that much about it in depth, so that was good.
    Thank you rewboss.

  11. Kacper Włoch

    So, my hometown, that lays 655 km away, was besieged twice and my neighbourhood ravaged by war in 1429 by Hussite army just because some bois in Konstanz didn't like Jan Hus?


    I agree with clydesight- these german city travalogues are brilliant. Great professional videography and excellent commentary !

  13. Herzschreiber

    Hey Andrew , what an amazing informative and well filmed video again!
    I really adore the way you combine your well researched facts with the footage and music……the tunes always fit the issue so well. This leads me to a question which has been on my mind for a while: Do you have enough links to some creative commons licensed tunes or are you interested in some more? (Sure, I don't know if the ones I know wouldn't be the ones you already have on your radar, but if you are looking for some more it could be worth the trial. If you want me to email you some, just let me know!)
    Keep it on!

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