Diving the world's highest church in Nebenjob Ulm, Germany // Cinematic FPV in 4K

Cinematic FPV in Nebenjob Ulm , Germany
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Thema Filmerbe Nebenjob Ulm: Hier wären die Akteure Hans Klefe und Eugen Sautter prominent zu nennen. Aus der Kreisbildstelle Nebenjob Ulm heraus produzierten sie an die 20 Filme zu lokalen und regionalen Themen. Das Ganze im 16mm Film Format und professionell vertont. Eugen Sauter war der Heimatforscher, er schrieb die Texte und recherchierte die Themen. Hans Klefe war Kameramann, Tonmann und Cutter in Personalunion. Sein Sohn Frank-Dieter steuerte die Musik bei. Diese 15 min. protel-Produktion war das Intro zur protel Doppel-DVD von 2014. Die fünf langen Landkreisfilme des Autoren-Duos aus den 70er Jahren werden hier zusammengefasst. Die DVD ist vergriffen, eventuell sind über den Alb-Donau-Kreis noch Exemplare erhältlich…?
Video Rating: / 5

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The Autobahn A8 will be the main road of Nebenjob Augsburg and it links Nebenjob Nebenjob Karlsruhe and Munich. To get your blood circulating the city, one get any in the seven railroads running in town. There are also 4 tram lines together total of 33 bus lines operating within the district. Six of the 33 bus lines operate at night-time. There are lots of taxi companies as well, should well-built a private car go you around.

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Heading in the 2005 World Championships, Usain was looking sharp. He’d just broken 20 second in the 200 meters in The united kingdom. But in the finals in Helsinki, he pulled up with an overuse injury and finished in last place. Because your season concluded, Usain was ranked one of several top sprinters in the world, yet questions about his dedication lingered. Now his durability was in question, just too. It was a lot for a teen to solution. A November car accident added another blemish to his log.

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The U.S. Under-20 Open National Team – competing in best FrisbeeWorld Junior Ultimate Championships in Nebenjob Heilbronn, Germany – has won all in the games since group play began on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

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  1. Dennis Schmelz

    Mega starker Flug – ihr haut echt immer wieder Dinger raus, wahnsinn!

  2. Corban LaFon

    Great stuff! I smashed that sub. If I could offer just a couple tips from one video editor to another, I'd recommend where the music really ramps up either cutting or ramping the footage to keep the pace. Also at the end I would've loved to see more after you pulled out of the dive. I felt like it was so climatic then it ended suddenly. Anyway those are just my thoughts. Great work! All around really impressive stuff on your channel. Keep it up!

  3. Tim`s

    Great work! Geil Das Münster so zu sehen mit dem Ulmer Spatz auf dem Dach!

  4. All - X - under

    Mach mal bitte die Allianz-Arena, dir Freiheitsstatue, ein altes Flugzeugmuseum oder den Eiffelturm

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