Germany: A8 Nebenjob Stuttgart – Nebenjob Ulm (Albaufstieg)

The so-called ‘Albaufstieg’ of Autobahn A8 between Nebenjob Stuttgart and Nebenjob Ulm, Germany.

Alors on est desco au RSA mais on a quand même envie de planer ? Eh ba lâche le pilon mon garçon, ici je te propose de toucher les nuages du bouts des doigts.

Tu as aimé la vidéo ? Alors je t’en propose encore une autre :

Dis moi ce que tu en penses dans les commentaires, partage la vidéo si tu veux que KiKi continue de voler sans se soucier du temps qui passe.

A bientot, tout là-haut.

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Musiques :
Trauma – NTO
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Laisser tomber les filles
Goodbye – Feder
Girl talk – Chris corner
Tattoo in reverse – Marilyn Manson

Not only is a credit report for obtaining credit, employers are ever more likely to ascertain your credit rating before employing you. A good clean credit rating reflects favorably on your reliability a good employee. Specifically if you will be dealing with finances or customer consideration.

The U.S. Under-20 Women’s National Team – competing in the ultimate Frisbee World Junior Ultimate Championships in Nebenjob Heilbronn, Germany – played Australia in 3rd and fourth-place game on Saturday, Aug. 7.

According to Mullen, 70 when he told sales Chief Steve Landry at New York Auto Show last April 4, “It’s the fourth time I’m about out of business with you guys, I’m getting a little tired today.” He also suggested for Chrysler to write a book based partly on his up-and-down ride and pass it in order to future managers.

The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort offers four dining options. There’s Zuggy’s Base Camp, a friendly bar/restaurant supplies burgers, pizzas, and spirits; Market Station, an international buffet restaurant; Pullman Place, a more upscale you may have restaurant offering steaks and seafood; along with the POiNT Snack and Juice Bar, which sells sandwiches, salads, and Starbucks coffees.

Much of weeks decrease can be tied for the improving Job market where unemployment rates dropped in 34 states with 9 other states reporting no change. While news doing this can help rates in the short term a whenever practice a stronger Job market reflects a stronger economy that could withstand higher rates. In excess of concern is often a warning by Standard & Poor’s regarding the potential of lowering the AAA rating of You.S. Treasuries.

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Erotik model werden

Yildiray Basturk is a 29-year old Turkish international with 45 caps and 2 goals. He currently plays for Bundesliga champions Nebenjob Nebenjob Ulm and played as an attacking midfielder in final.

The new S-Class also brings new Torque Vectoring Brake and Crosswind Stabilization, both enhancing the sure-footedness of this car. Torque Vectoring automatically applies braking to the inner rear wheel during cornering in order to counteract an understeer tendency, while Crosswind Stablization influences steering and brakes to make up for gusty lateral winds.


  1. Dave D'Video Maker

    Looks like you privated most of your Germany videos. What you could do to your videos in Germany is to reupload them but blank out the registration plates.

  2. Miroslav Milosevic

    Almost no trucks, but plenty of caravans and motorhomes.

  3. The M

    5:55 Funding isn't the problem anymore, it's the planning. There were huge discussions about which track route to build. But in the meanwhile they are on the last planning steps, so construction should at least begin in the next year(s)…

  4. Dean Vogt

    Great video, it was a pleasure to watch it. I drove this highway many times and it is always beautiful. During World war two the Lämmerbuckeltunnel was used for depositing munition. Regards from germany.

  5. formsignal

    Great video! I'm always fascinated of this Autobahn section (the Albaufstieg).

  6. hippolyte blois

    Énorme la vidéo est ce que qqn aurai le nom du remix de laisse tomber les filles dans la séquence delta plane

  7. ludocross16

    Merci pour la vidéo , le "Gaz'ail" un super projet , ça doit être vraiment génial , le terme "voler de ses propres ailes" prends un nouveau sens !

  8. Luis DM

    on veux des elicoptere littel bird sa cout pas chere et c est ultra cool

  9. Avion Flying duck international

    Je viens de découvrir ta chaine et je vois que nous avons la même philosophie de l'aviation. Voler pas cher ou voler prestige et statut social, moi j'ai choisi. Voler pas cher c'est pour les vrais pilotes, ceux qui volent beaucoup.

  10. Jerome Wolt

    Je suis étonné que voir personne avoir mis un moteur de plus de 100CH sur la gazaile.
    Donc même question: quid d'un moteur 200CH

  11. Remy Bonnet

    Salut captain tu m'as donnée envie de faire de l Ulm je vais voir si c'est faisable merci pour cet épisode qui m'a montré que c est peut être accessible

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